Established as an innovation consulting firm based in Kochi, India. Our creative team crafts the ideas and strive to deliver maximum output with high quality designs, adverts and other marketing techniques both online and offline for the clients. At One Parrot, we follow a result-driven approach that is not just confined to marketing services but to a consulting level for the client. Our holistic company services include Print media adverts, Digital media adverts, company branding designing & printing, web designing & promotions, Animated video explanatories & video production, hoardings & public transport branding.

At One Parrot, we follow a resultdriven approach that is not just combined to marketing services but to a consulting level for the Client. Also, we are glad being a distributer of the Premium Seed pencils and Seed papers brand of Arteries based in Coimbatore, India which they manufacture Pencil from recycled papers and Inspiring billions of students to know more about plants and the importance of Keeping it for future. It helps students to grow their Own Pencil that grows in to a plant is a very unique and excellent concept, through which we can use the useless part of the pencil. Whatever the product we are dealing with shall be futuristic, plastic free and nature- environment friendly, this be the main motive of green business as per the company policy.

We hope you enjoy yourselves as much as we have enjoyed the process of delivering the ultimate output – Team One Parrot

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One Parrot network with the association and resourced by leading IT Production companies could handle projects at any levels of budget. Our approach in consulting consist of the collaboration of talented professionals in the field of marketing and technology. We focus on providing the best strategic marketing approach that is tailored independently to suit every client and an optimized and unique approach when it comes to enriching our clients with our diversified services.

We employ a strategic approach to our clients. We believe that every industry is different and has its own potential in the digital spectrum and it’s imperative to understand this before implementing any strategies. Our marketing and technology experts follow a collaborative approach that ensures clients are always well aware of what’s happening from time to time







What's your marketing goal?

From apparel to auto, and from sports to consumer goods – businesses are looking for new ways to win the hearts & minds of their audience & drive business results.

Build awareness
& ad recall

Capture the attention of new potential customers and keep your brand top of mind with existing ones.

Grow consideration
& interest

Influence potential customers in the opinion-shaping moments when they’re most receptive to your message.


Reach potential customers in decision-making moments, and make it easier for them to take meaningful actions that you can measure.

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